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Unlocking the Root Cause of Dysfunctional Patterns

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of unhealthy patterns, despite your best efforts to break them? It’s not uncommon for us to find ourselves in situations where we seem to repeat the same dysfunctional patterns even though they leave us frustrated and hurt. But why do we keep doing this? It turns out that there is usually an underlying root cause for our unhealthy cycles, and it is often connected to our past experiences or trauma.

We often feel powerless and lost when it comes to breaking these cycles. The good news is, there are ways to unlock these root causes and begin cultivating a life that we are worthy of living!

Here's how you can begin to break free from your dysfunctional patterns.

Understand Yourself Better:

Often, our unhealthy habits are rooted in our own unresolved issues. When we take the time to really understand ourselves, it becomes easier for us to identify what patterns might be stemming from a place of pain or insecurity. This process requires self-awareness and honest reflection on our behavior.

Ask yourself questions like, "Why do I keep doing this?", "How is this behaviour serving me?" or "What is this behavior masking?". You may be surprised by what you discover about yourself!

Practice Self-Compassion:

When we make a mistake or fall back into an old pattern, it's easy for us to beat ourselves up about it. Instead of focusing on guilt or shame, try practicing self-compassion instead. Accept that you are human and that everyone makes mistakes – including you!

Remind yourself that despite any slip-ups, you are worthy of love and respect no matter what happens.

We are all trying our best, so give yourself some much needed grace when things don't go as planned.

Take Small Steps Toward Change:

Breaking out of old patterns can seem daunting at times, especially if we try too hard too quickly. To avoid burning out before making lasting change, start by taking small steps toward your desired goal each day.

Maybe that means setting one achievable goal each week or having a daily check-in with yourself about how your actions are helping you reach your larger goals.

Focusing on small successes will help motivate you to keep going until long-term progress is made!

Find Support & do the Inner-Work:

SHE Discovered offers life-changing coaching and RCT healing sessions that help you release the emotional baggage from your past.

These sessions are an incredibly powerful tool in unlocking the root cause of unhealthy patterns.

By addressing the trauma and baggage we carry within us, we can tackle why we keep repeating certain behaviors or situations that don’t serve us well. We can start to uncover what beliefs and values have been conditioned into us over the years and how they may be impacting our lives today.

Through exploring our stories, understanding our triggers and releasing old belief systems, these trauma informed healing sessions offer an opportunity to reprogram ourselves on a much deeper level so that we can create new pathways for growth and change.

Breaking free from dysfunctional cycles isn’t easy but it is possible when you have access to effective tools such as Root-Cause Therapy. By understanding the underlying root cause behind why you keep repeating certain behaviors or situations that don’t serve you well, you can begin building healthier belief systems that serve you in order to create a life you’re truly worthy of living!

Reclaim your power today by booking a 15-minute introduction call and begin to uncover the root causes of any dysfunctional patterns that may be standing in the way of you living aligned with the more you were created for.

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