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The Power of Root-Cause Therapy & How it can Help You.

If you're feeling stuck in life, like you’re experiencing the same patterns of behavior or thought patterns day-in and day-out without any real sense of resolution? (Insert self-sabotage, that critical inner voice, imposter syndrome, anxiety, overwhlem, chronic fatigue ... you get the idea) Root Cause Therapy (RCT) was created for you!

There is an underlying pain that drives all self sabotage, dysfunctional relationships and coping mechanisms and this pain is exactly where RCT works.

What is Root-Cause Therpay (RCT)

Root-Cause Therapy is a trauma healing method that uses regression and progression practices which allow the completion of unprocessed emotions. This allows the unprocessed to finally process and no longer cause unwanted thoughts, behaviors and symptoms. 

With advanced ways of testing and discovering the actual causation of the currently presenting unease within oneself,  which could be reflecting itself through negative life patterns and choices.

A practitioner facilitates the client to tap into the self-healing mechanisms of the deeper parts of their mind in an empowering safe container. 

Assumptions and ‘theories’ are no longer necessary as we create a way for the mind and body to consciously access and reassess from a clearer perspective, whether this is in the past or negative projections into the future.

Where did RCT originate from?

This powerful style of therapy was created by Melissa Hieman; Co-founder of The Centre For Healing and Author of ' The Natural High'. Originally trained in NLP, Timeline Therapy and other healing modalities, Melissa discovered a transformative way to overcome her anxiety and substance abuse via releasing trapped negative emotions - rather than reframing the emotions and causing more disharmony in oneself.  

The method has been inspired by several processes, including NLP, Regression Therapy, Talk Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Breathwork, Kinesiology, and more. The Centre for Healing, where I did my training, has used this method since 2016 in their Mental Health and Addiction Centre in Melbourne, conducting thousands of sessions with incredible results.

Melissa has combined her years of study and life experience to create this innovative and life changing healing method which has now been taking into the world and helped thousands of others transform their lives.

How does it work?

RCT is based on Guided Self-Healing (GSH), a powerful mind-body intervention that tracks down the root cause of any physical or energetic blockage.

Root Cause Therapy works by identifying and addressing the root cause of any physical or emotional blockage. It looks beyond the surface symptoms, to get to the deeper subconscious source of your patterns and once there identifs and releases the emotions that are attached. Through a combination of somatic healing and talk therapy the client is them supported and guided as they release the underlying narrative that was attached and build a new belief from a higher perspective.

What are the personal benefits of RCT?

This modality heals painful emotions and traumas rather than just treating the symptoms.

Root-Cause Therapy allows you to see what limiting beliefs you hold in a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and why you think/feel how you do. This therapy helps you consciously release unwanted patterns, with you in the driving seat, along with the knowledge and guidance of your practitioner.

The goal of Root Cause Therapy is not only for clients to gain an understanding of why they are behaving a certain way but also for them to release the emotional baggage in order to heal and grow from those experiences - moving forward with more confidence and resilience.

If you are experiencing looping patterns you can’t seem to release, negative self-talk, unhelpful habits, behaviours, addictions, anxiety, procrastination, PTSD, low self-belief, or depression because of painful events in the past, or worry about the future, through RCT real lasting change is possible.


If you'd like to take the next step, contact us today to make an appointment for a free introductory session.

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