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We see mental health issues as a whole lot of baggage collected over the years to the point where it has become unmanageable.


When you suppress enough emotions or have experienced trauma, your unconscious mind and body have to disconnect from certain elements of itself in an effort to survive and go on. This can cause confusion, internal conflict, overwhelming triggers and emotions without the conscious understanding of why.


Root Cause Therapy offers a practical and effective way to discover and heal what lies beneath it all allowing you to regain a sense of alignment and wholeness within yourself.

Combining the best of many healing modalities such as talk therapy, gestalt therapy, kinesiology, timeline, NLP, relaxation and more Root Cause Therapy is a life changing therapy that works directly with the subconscious offering  long term healing.

With a focus on identifying your unique limiting beliefs, we release any trapped emotions that were unable to be processed at the time the beliefs were formed allowing capacity for regulation of your nervous system and a safety to create a new narrative or belief to live from.

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