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"Authentic, grounded, experience based Coaching & Support for women of all ages."

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Empowering Women to Embrace Their Worth, Rewrite Their Stories & Ignite
Their Inner Light.


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Discover the Power of
Self-healing with
SHE Discovered

A transformative journey cultivating inner strength,

self healing & empowerment

" What SHE Discovered offers is unlike any other therapy I have tried in the past. It is an intensive and moving process that takes you deep into your fears, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. It can be daunting to start but Cass leads you with grace through holding space for all of it. The final result, the end process is 100% worth it as you begin to look at life through renewed eyes and with renewed strength and capacity..." 


                                  -  Sonya 

Welcome to SHE Discovered. Find refuge through self-healing and somatic therapies specifically designed to bring peace to women who feel overwhelmed and stuck in the struggles of life.

Through our programs tailored to meet your individual needs, SHE Discovered provides the safety, guidance and practical tools to support
you in finding balance, hope and joy in your life.

Is SHE Discovered for Me?

To the woman who's always putting herself last.

To the woman constantly second guessing her every move and decision.

To the woman who feels trapped in her own life; overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious.

To the woman who hates who she sees in the mirror.

To the woman who feels like she is ready to break at any moment.

I see you and I see your pain.


To others your life looks perfect but on the inside something just isn't right.

You feel sad, alone and disappointed and no matter how hard you've tried nothing has made a difference.​



When we feel like this we look to fix the symptoms. This provides us with quick but short lived relief, rather than addressing the root-cause of our difficulties enabling us to experience long-term breakthrough.​


Let's take care of your inner stories so that you can create a life where you wake up every morning feeling aligned, happy and fulfilled.


Hi I’m Cass,

Women's Self-Healing & Trauma Recovery Coach (Cert. RC.t)

I help women to reconnect with their true self and rediscover who they are. We take a deep and personal journey of inner healing, releasing old belief systems and unlocking years of survival stress that has become stuck within the body. We then begin to rebuild this beautiful sense of self and cultivate a new narrative built on self-worth, trust and wholeness so that you have the capacity and internal resources to manifest a life that is purpose driven, heart centred and fully aligned with what feels true and fulfilling for you.


Combining an array of modalities and techniques, SHE Discovered supports an deep inner healing process, along with providing practical tools and frameworks that enable women to rise to that next level of themselves with purpose, energy, power and strength.

For years I battled with low-self esteem, fitting into everybody else's boxes apart from my own and through my journey of deep personal pain, complex trauma and overcoming...I discovered a strength within me that had nothing to do with anyone else, just me; the power of my own self-belief and self-worth.

Self-worth is a core belief system, it runs deep within who YOU ARE. Your self-worth is inherent not something to be earned and embodying this enables you to live in the fullness of your authentic power. This journey has personally transformed my life, it has transformed the lives of the women I have worked with and it can transform your life too.

SHE Discovered provides a safe, protected, trauma informed space for women seeking emotional refuge from overwhelming pain and chaos, but it doesn't stop there. 

SHE Discovered allows a woman to reconnect with her authentic self, rediscover her true worth and inner strength and rise equipped with the skills to navigate life in all of its fullness including overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold us stuck in the shadows of our fear and ego.

Why do I do what I do?

Simply because I have known my own debilitating pain.

I know what it is to feel less than enough.

I know what it is to live a life defined by rejection and disregard.

I know what it is to suffer through the trauma of being betrayed by the one person who I thought I could trust the most.

I know what it is to feel like no-one understands.

I know what it is to never feel comfortable as myself.

I know what it is to hate myself so much that I could never believe I was worthy of anything good.

I have also come to discover the FREEDOM and LIFE that is found through knowing and living in your inherent WORTH, breaking beyond fear barriers and rising up to pursue a life of purpose and meaning.

My mission is to support, empower and equip you as you discover your POWER and begin to push beyond your limits and fiercely run toward a life that sets your soul on fire, grounded in a foundation of personal growth and expansion

"When I first connected with Cassi I was trapped in a negative headspace and weighed down by life stresses. These feelings made me disconnect from life, my friends, my hobbies, my work and the outside world.
Through root cause therapy I was able to learn many positive coping techniques, what were the underlying reasons for my inability to cope, how to not let negative emotions control me and most importantly I was able to rediscover my power as a strong woman.
The 10 weeks I did working with Cassi were hard as we went deep into my emotions but she held my hand and made me feel safe and able to take it all on as we went through. Since my sessions have ended I have been able to face life sturggles with renewed strength and in such positive ways that has not only surprised me but all those around me."

Sonya - QLD



"The most powerful journey a woman can embark on is the one that leads her from self-doubt to self-trust, where she discovers her own unwavering light in the midst of darkness."


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