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"Authentic, grounded, experience based Coaching & Support for women of all ages."


Supporting women overwhelmed by crisis, stress and emotional pain shift limiting beliefs to discover a pathway toward

Strength, Healing & Empowerment...


To the girl whose pain and torment cannot be undone...
To the girl who lives daily with self-doubt and unresolved fear...
To the woman who struggles to see her true beauty and worth...
To the woman whose steady foundation has been ripped away from underneath her...

I see you.
I see your pain.

SHE Discovered is the journey told by fiercely courageous women who like you have walked a path of deep debilitating emotional pain.
Each of these women have taken a journey of examination, rebuilding a deep connection with their authentic self which has enabled them to step out of the shadows of their own lives and stand firm in the strength and truth of who they really are.

SHE Discovered can be your story too!

If you feel trapped in your own life, unable to break free from unwanted patterns, stuck with a lack of motivation,
If your mind if often filled with thoughts of;
"I could never do that", or "I wish I could be like her"...
If you're tired of feeling like you're just living through the motions...

SHE Discovered will help you discover YOUR path to unlocking the extraordinary purpose you were created for.

You are worthy of living a life of boldness and strength, free from the impacts of judgement, trauma and fear.

If you're still reading this, it's time for you to start saying yes to yourself.

Discover: Strength, Healing & Empowerment Today



Hi I’m Cass,

Root-Cause Therapist & Women's Life Coach 

I help women feeling stuck in the shadows of their own life push through the fear and limiting beliefs that hold them back. Enabling them to rise to that next level with purpose, energy, power and strength.

SHE Discovered provides a safe and protected space for women seeking emotional refuge from overwhelming pain and chaos, while providing the tools and framework that foster a journey of self healing.

SHE Discovered is not a life boat but rather an inward process that allows a woman to reconnect with her authentic self, rediscover her true worth and inner strength and rise equipped with the skills to navigate life in all of its fullness.

I acknowledge that believing in hope amidst crisis is almost impossible, but I will hold space for you. 

Why do I do what I do?

Simply because I have known my own debilitating pain.

I know what it is to feel less than enough.

I know what it is to live a life defined by rejection and disregard.

I know what it is to suffer through the trauma of being betrayed by the one person who I thought I could trust the most.

I know what it is to feel like no-one understands.

BUT ...through my determinations, study and own deep healing journey I have come to discover the FREEDOM and LIFE that can be found from moving through and release the pain held by limiting beliefs, breaking through fear barriers and rising up to pursue a life of purpose and meaning.

This is for you! You have the ability and the rite to know this freedom and life too.

My mission is to support, empower and equip you as you find the strength within to rise through a journey of healing. 


Say yes! Remember who YOU are and transform your life! - SHE Discovered